The complex is formed by 3 buildings that includes the total of 90 cross-trough housing sharing a singlecommonparking, organized in two stores underground. The situation an volumetry of the buildings is an answer to the necesity to shape the public space and domestic gardens as consistently as possible with the best conditions for the housing, in terms of orientation, views, weather, sunlight, etc. The homes of the two tallest buildings are cross-trough with north-south and eastwest orientation, while the third construction has two floors, in a duplex way.
The building has passive solar protection through horizontal slats placed in the hollows of the walls wich have more solar contribution.

YEAR 2011
tipology: Collective Social Housing
situation: C/ Carmen Laforet, Soto del Henares, Torrejón de Ardoz. Madrid
client: Lazora S.A.
management: Larcovi S.A.L.
construction: Ferrovial-Agroman
surface: 17.100m2
budget: 6.5 M€