Set of 138 homes, shops, storage rooms, parking and pool. The apartment blocks are organized in two ways, first, a group is organized in two parallel pads on the street and the courtyard of the block respectively and secondly those that give on the other street, are cross-through homes. This provision is intended to achieve the greatest possible width of the courtyard.
The façade is made of precast concrete panels. The arrangement of the holes and lattice walls, providing protection against solar contributions, so as to encourage energy saving.

YEAR 2007
tipology: Collective Housing
situation: C/ José María Peridis, Getafe. Madrid
client and management: Inmobiliaria Egido S.A., Inmuebles de Pinto S.A. y San José de Valderas S.A.
construction: Constructora de Pinto
surface: 25.000m2
budget:7.6 M€